We enjoy holiday of island in resort inn

The Iki's greatest resort inn.
Be wrapped up in unhurried time and sea breeze
We had both relaxation of inn and comfort of city hotel
You can enjoy holiday of island stylishly…
We introduce charm of such this hotel.

A time of supreme bliss of five Iki STELLACOTE TAIANKAKU

Fresh ingredients of discerning Iki of chef de cuisine

Sea urchin of Iki whom local woman diver captures by diving without diving equipment.
Fishery products full of life of the Sea of Genkai.
Iki cow which becomes bleeding cattle of national brand beef.
Fresh vegetables which were blessed with the fertile earth and sun and water, and were brought up.
Putting all the skill and cook material that chef de cuisine oneself selected carefully.
With Iki shochu brewed in the wheat shochu birthplace, sake brewery of Iki right or wrong eating a food with great relish…

We see about dishes in detail

Room of type that is selectable mistresses of a man of position

We see in detail about room

From business per person to couple, family
There are various types of rooms which can relax.
In the Japanese-style room, room inside an open veranda of calm atmosphere is with.
Interior that Western-style room is modern and duvet style that we did softly.
There is available special room to 5-6 people.
Look for room to plan of trip by all means.

With ancient elegance light stone hot spring effect to revive
Dynamic cave bath

Bathhouse is doing medical care, light stone told to be strong of reasonable ionization action with main origin body in natural ore containing naturally occurring radioactive element.

We see in detail about large communal bath

It is "cave bath" which imaged Iwaya "of" ogre who is tourist attraction of Ikinoshima even if this hotel pride says how. We spread beach stone all over cave bath, and jacuzzi spouts out from bottom, and there is massage effect.

It is the first among Japan
Open-air bath sauna bedrock bath

"* of bright starry night" super distant red warm bath facility

Super far infrared rays

Super far infrared rays is temperature rise in warming from core of body → Sweat → It leads to bloodstream improvement, and mechanism called "vascularization" is activated. "Vascularization" is important point of beauty and health maintenance.

Effect, effect of light stone hot spring

As for the light stone, it is said to poor circulation, relieving fatigue in after giving birth that there is effect, effect by medical care said to that reasonable ionization action is strong in natural ore containing naturally occurring radioactive element in neuralgia, rheumatism, poor circulation, stiff shoulder, low back pain, hemorrhoids, before childbirth.

We convey charm of Ikinoshima

We concentrate charm of Ikinoshima! The full hall

We handle marine products delicacy which is good to quite popular marine products, * niikauniya grain uninado, snack of liquor including shochu of "Iki brand" at stand, and there is sampling corner of Iki shochu, too.

We see in detail about in-house facility

Perfect location to play around in magnificent Iki

Ikinoshima which is located approximately midway of Fukuoka and anti-Majima. We are appointed in "Iki-Tsushima Seminational Park" and "underwater nature park" blessed with natural scenery.

We see about sightseeing in Iki in detail

Access to Ikinoshima

  • It is approximately 130 minutes by ferry from Fukuoka Hakata Port
  • It is approximately 100 minutes by ferry from Karatsu, Saga Port
  • It is approximately 35 minutes by air from Nagasaki Airport
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